IoT Open Basic

Basic course for IoT Open developers and integrators.

Chapter 8

“It would be really nice with some cosy relevant quote here!”
― IoT Open Developer


The lynx-bash-scripts is a collection of simple scripts that was created over time when working with the platform. They are a very easy way to quick exploring the API if IoT Open.

Get the scripts

There is a link to the scrips on this page under the Resources -> Software section. If you use the IoT Open Virtual appliance you can type bash in the home directory of the iot user.


Se above about how to get the scripts. Once they are installed you need to create a .config file in the same directory as the scripts. It should look like this.

USERNAME=<email address>

TOKEN=`cat .token`

Getting started

Login to the backend.

iot@iot-open:~/lynx-bash-scripts$ ./ 
Loggin in
Login successful

After that you can try all the scripts out. E.g. get a list of you installations.


Try the other ones out as well. Since they are simple bash-scripts you can always look at them and see what they does.

Example. Get the functions of an installation with ./ <installation_id>. You can list all the scripts with ls.


Try some of the scripts out.